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Case Study: Branding & Growing an International Manufacturing & Trading Operation

 Lyrba USA, founded in 2011, is recycled materials trader & manufacturer of rPET sheets & lLDPE Films. Located in Conroe, Texas.

Lyrba USA Creating a Sustainable Future

Helping launch a new recycled plastic manufacturing facility

Services: Brand Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Management, Brand Communication Strategy, Copywriting.

Industry: Recycled Plastics Manufacturing

Context: In 2022, Lyrba USA launched a new rPET sheet recycling operation. As a sustainable manufacturer, they aimed to establish a cohesive digital presence. This includes a website, active social media profiles, and easily shareable branding assets and initiatives.

Art Director & Designer: Andres Morales
Social Media Manager: Nizza Morales

How we helped launch a new plastic recycling manufacturing

Lyrba USA is a plastic trading and recycling company. They launched a new rPET sheet production plant in Conroe, Texas in 2022. The challenge was to create a solid digital presence that would accompany the sales process. 

Services: Strategy, Branding, Design, Website Design & Implementation, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management

Sustainable Design & Branding

Our initial focus involved creating and refreshing a set of integrated graphics to solidify our brand identity. Opting for a diverse color palette, we strategically repeated blues and greens to emphasize the brand's commitment to sustainability. Complemented by a clean and clear design, our graphics showcase the professional yet friendly aspects of Lyrba USA.

Circular Economy Chart
Lyrba USA Map 1
Green Techonology Sustainable Solutions Logo
Lyrba USA Map 2
PureverPack Logo
Ocean Bound Plastic Sticker

Creating A Digital Hub

The  website functions as the primary hub for potential thermoforming clients. Designed in alignment with their  established brand guidelines, it seamlessly incorporates animations and video elements.

Experience it firsthand at

Lyrba USA Website Home Page
Lyrba USA Website Products Page
Lyrba USA Website Home Page 2
Lyrba USA Website rPET Sheets Page
Lyrba USA Website rPET Page

Social Media Virality

After establishing a robust branding identity and digital hub with our website, we shifted our attention to crafting concise LinkedIn content. Our efforts resulted in impressive organic virality within the niche of plastic recycling:

  • Over 40,000 organic impressions on LinkedIn within the first 6 months.

  • Surpassing 120,000 organic impressions in the first year.

  • An average of 1,250 impressions per post.

LinkedIn Lyrba USA 1
LinkedIn Lyrba USA 2
LinkedIn Lyrba USA 3

Branding Continued

As our social media gained traction, we identified areas for improvement. We introduced several initiatives to enhance Lyrba USA's impact:

  • Tray 2 Tray: An initiative promoting the use of rPET materials for plastic trays.

  • Lab Initiative: Focused on highlighting the quality control processes at Lyrba USA.

  • Creation of promotional graphics, including flyers.

  • Refreshed design for spec sheets.

tray 2 tray sticker
Lyrba USA rPET Clear Flake Spec Sheet
the lab Logo
Lyrba USA PCR MC HDPE Repro Spec Sheet
Plastics Recycling Conference Flyer
Lyrba USA rPET Clear Sheet Spec Sheet


Their integrated branding and digital presence successfully generated a strong top-of-the-funnel response, yielding a consistent flow of contact forms, emails, and direct messages via social media. This engagement has translated into various opportunities, from forging new trading partnerships to acquiring new clients for rPET sheets.

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