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We believe that stories move the world...

Our purpose is to harness the power of storytelling to connect, inspire, and transform. We believe that in the art of narrative lies the key to forging meaningful relationships, sparking change, and shaping a brighter, more engaging future for brands and their audiences.

Burried Carrot
Shining Carrot
Flying Carrot

Carrot Constitution:


Truth & transparency reign supreme.

We believe in radical truth and transparency with our clients and team-members. Communicating facts and reality come first.

Radical openness.

Radical openness to explore. Radical innovation-seeking. Radical openness to new ideas. Radical openness to criticism.


Craft is everything.

It is all about what the story is, how the story is conveyed, the timing and the medium. The work is what connects and sells.

Meaningful relationships.

We believe in creating long-term partnerships with our clients. We succeed when our client succeeds. 


Entrepreneurial partners.

Just like in a lab, we come up with new hypotheses, review them and learn from them. We see ourselves as your entrepreneurial partners.

Maker culture.

If the craft is everything, practicing it is a must. This is why we believe in having a culture of makers, of people that make and create stuff, and always improving their craft as a result.

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