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Conac Consumibles y Accessorios Monterrey

Monterrey-Based Welding Accessory Seller

Services: Brand Design, Web Design

Industry: Welding Hardware

Context: Meet Conac, a fresh Monterrey-based venture specializing in the buying and selling of welding accessories and consumables. Faced with the need for a brand design that unequivocally communicates their business, we rose to the challenge.

Solution: We conceptualized a unique brand icon by seamlessly integrating four essential symbols—cutting blades, blow torch, metal rods, and laminating rolls. The wordmark and icon embrace a sophisticated combination of red, black, and white. Black and white embody Conac's professionalism, while the splash of red demands attention

Art Director & Designer: Andres Morales

Brand Design

Conac Monterrey Logo 1
Conac Black and White Logo 2
Conac Monterrey Logo 2
Conac Logo
Conac Black and White Logo
Conac Logo 2

Brand Assets

Untitled design (33).png

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