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Creating a hospitable & inviting brand 

Stayinmex is a Mexican short-term rental apartment brand. The brand owns apartments in Playa del Carmen, Cancun & Monterrey. The challenge was to create a brand-identity that emphasized the core values of the brand: service, hospitality, attentiveness & initiative. 

Services: Brand Identity

Services: Brand Design, Naming

Industry: Hospitality

Context: Introducing Stayinmex, a Mexican short-term rental apartment brand with a presence in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Monterrey. Our task was to craft a brand identity that accentuates the core values at our heart: service, hospitality, attentiveness, and initiative.

Solution: We conceived a modern brand icon that eloquently communicates Stayinmex's mission: to offer hospitable experiences in Mexico. This icon encapsulates the brand's commitment towards providing a contemporary and purposeful stay experience.

Art Director & Designer: Andres Morales

stayinmex icon 1
stayinmex logo 1
playa del carmen icon
stayinmex icon 2
stayinmex logo 2
monterrey icon
stayinmex icon black
stayinmex logo black
cancun design

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