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Beating Jungle Logo

Ecological Park & Art Gallery Based Near Cancun

Services: Brand Design

Industry: Ecological Tourism

Context: Embark on a journey with Beating Jungle, an upcoming eco-tourism project nestled near Cancun, Mexico. In the early stages of planning, the vision is to seamlessly blend nature and art, crafting a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly experience for future visitors.

Solution: Upon sharing our vision with Carrot IBC, it became evident that the stakeholders held a pure and lively perspective for the future of this ecological park. Giving life to this vision, a vibrant heart with wings was crafted as a symbol. To convey the welcoming and inviting atmosphere envisioned by the stakeholders, we opted for Baloo Pajii, a smooth, rounded, and friendly typeface. The lush green hues chosen echo the vibrant life of the jungle.

Art Director: Andres Morales

Designer: San Darshark

Beating Jungle Logo
Neon Beating Jungle Logo
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Neon Beating Jungle Icon
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