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Brand Design for a Healthy CPG

Nasavi is a brand of a variety of food products, including flours, seeds, and legumes, among other products.

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Target Market

Socioeconomically, upper-middle class.

Individuals interested in their nutrition and quality of life, motivated by health.

Throughout Mexico and the entire United States.

Distribution Channels:
Self-service stores.

Target Personas

Carly Smith

Carly Smith, originally from Austin, Texas, now resides near Houston, Texas. She moved to Houston at a young age due to her mother's job. A 24-year-old nutrition graduate, Carly is committed to her health and fitness, attending the gym five times a week and carefully selecting her food choices. She primarily shops at HEB and belongs to the middle socioeconomic class, but with her career trajectory, she anticipates transitioning to the upper-middle socioeconomic class in the coming years.

Maria Fernandez

Maria Fernandez resides near Veracruz. At 54 years old, she is a homemaker. Maria struggles with health issues, specifically a leaky gut condition, which requires her to be extremely mindful of her dietary choices. She and her husband, belonging to the high socioeconomic class, have three children. Maria and her husband enjoy daily walks in the park near their home and occasionally go cycling.

Lucas Garza

Lucas Garza resides in Monterrey, Nuevo León. At 28 years old, he studied business administration. Lucas is unmarried and comes from a family of high socioeconomic status. He works alongside his father. Despite having celiac disease, which severely restricts his diet, Lucas manages to find gluten-free alternatives and frequents the gym two to three times a week. He enjoys social events with his friends every weekend.

Brand Manifesto

Nourish and energize.

We believe in the natural goodness of whole foods.

Our commitment to wellness and vitality is reflected in every product we offer.

Our mission is to make healthy living accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Nourish and energize with the power of nature.

Brand Design

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Nasavi Logo
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