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fit 4 learning | non-profit organization

Services: Brand Design

Industry: Non-Profit, Education

Context: Fit 4 Learning, a non-profit inspiring fitness and funding education opportunities, relies on the sale of stylish merchandise to gather funds; hence, we crafted a brand design to be as fashionable as the people who support the cause.

Solution: For this design, we opted for a hypermodern aesthetic using the Futura font with minimal spacing between characters. The icon features an abstract representation of three people engaged in various active poses, cleverly forming the letters 'F,' '4,' and 'L,' embodying the essence of "Fit 4 Learning" or "F4L."

Art Director: Andres Morales

fit 4 learning logo
fit 4 learning icon golden
fit 4 learning merch mockup
fit 4 learning icon
f4l golden
fit 4 learning mockup 2
fit 4 learning icon white
fit 4 learning mockup 3
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