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Brand Design for a Supply Chain Integrator

DISUCO (or Digital Supply Courier) is a trusted integrator of supply-chain services, that specializes in creating flexible logistic solutions.

DISUCO Supply Chain




Supply Chain

Team Setup

1 Designer


6 Weeks


DISUCO partnered with us to revamp their brand, seeking a distinctive design that matches with the new company direction & potential. We aimed to ensure a brand design system that would scale and integrate into different brand assets as the company grows.


One significant challenge was expressing the core vision behind the company, which demanded creativity and empathy to ensure an easy-to-digest yet efficient design. Additionally, capturing the essence of "union" through the logo design required deep thought & planning.


We created a new brand design & brand assets that capture of the essence of "union" "guidance" and "integration" into the final designs.

How we Started

A deep dive into vision and goals, studying target audience preferences, competitors, industry trends, and identifying potential areas for developing a unique brand development.  Additionally, we familiarized ourselves with the founder's strengths & potential, ensuring that we are able to capture the essence of the company's soul into brand design.

Our Step by Step Brand Design Process

  1. Prototyping & Color Exploration
    We craft three distinct logo prototypes, each tailored with unique strengths and versatile applications within brand design systems. Concurrently, we delve into the exploration of captivating color schemes and palettes.

  2. Logo Design Development
    After the client selects a logo design direction, we refine and finalize the design, commencing the development of the comprehensive brand design system.

  3. Color Palette Development
    Subsequently, we conclude the color palette selection and proceed to craft diverse logo color variations.

  4. Brand Assets Development
    We proceed to finalize the brand design system, including mockups and all necessary brand assets.

Prototyping & Color Exploration

DISUCO Moodboard
DISUCO Bridge Builder
Integration & Union Color Scheme
DISUCO Prototypes
DISUCO Conjoiner
Transparency & Flexibility Color Scheme
DISUCO Integrator
DISUCO Color Exploration

Logo Design Development

DISUCO Concept 1
DISUCO Black & White
DISUCO Concept 2
DSC Black & White
DISUCO Concept 3

Color Palette Development

DISUCO Color Version 1
DISUCO Color Varints
DISUCO Color Palette
DISUCO Color Version 2
DISUCO Outlines

Brand Assets Development

DISUCO System at a Glance
Julio Cantu Business Card
DSC Multicolor
DISUCO Business Card
DISUCO Letterhead
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